Case Study QMI Interactive

QMI Interactive

Monkoni Ltd offers its services of Remote Web Outsourcing and Web Consulting to QMI Interactive Ltd since 2014. The long term collaboration is still alive today! There are currently 1 project manager and 2 full stack web developers working on many web projects daily and remotly for QMI Interactive. The company is a leader in the Italian cinema digital world and their direct clients are some of the biggest and most famous names in Italy and around the world:

“Since 2014 Monkoni has been providing development services for QMI Interactive,  ensuring great skills, on time delivery and code quality. Besides the development skills, Simeon is also a stunning project manager: he can provide great support in the design of new solutions, in the choice of new technologies and in the coordination of other IT suppliers.”
– Francesco Barbieri, CEO QMI Interactive Ltd

“I’ve known and collaborated with Simeon (Monkoni Ltd) since 2014. Immediately I was struck by the rigor, the dedication, the methodology and the seriousness that he puts into his work. In addition to these professional qualities, I have also discovered a motivated, intelligent, generous, loyal and honest person with whom it is a pleasure to collaborate but also to talk about extra-business topics. All this can only lead to successful projects, Simeon is a certainty!”
– Paolo Perego, CTO QMI Interactive Ltd