Case Study VOICES from the Blogs

VOICES from the Blogs

Monkoni Ltd offered its services of Remote Web Outsourcing and Web Consulting to VOICES from the Blogs Ltd from 2014 to 2018. Our company has been involved in the design, development, management, support and evolutionary maintenance of a proprietary web platform, for statistical analysis and management of big data (billions of data processed and analyzed). For this purpose, we used specialized services offered by the Google Cloud Platform. To achieve the goals, two full stack web developers were involved, working remotely for VOICES from the Blogs on a long term hourly rates based contracts.

“Since 2014 Simeon collaborates with VOICES from the Blogs to develop our proprietary analytics platform. Simeon has always proved to be professional and punctual in deliveries, proactive in designing architecture and open to dialogue. Simeon and his company (Monkoni Ltd) have certainly been a valid and robust support to our development activities.”
– Stefano M. Iacus, CEO/CTO VOICES from the Blogs Ltd